We are proud to announce that Jeddah Prep and Grammar School has been featured in the "Ones to Watch" list of The 2023 Schools Index by Carfax Education, the leading international index of the very best private boarding and day schools, from different regions across the globe.

Sixth Form


Jeddah Prep and Grammar School offers opportunities for exceptional academic success coupled with tremendous opportunities for personal and social development. At JPGS a combination of careful planning and monitoring and excellent teaching enables pupils to exceed their expected A Level grades.

The academic attainment of our pupils has led to the successful placement of our pupils in Further or Higher Education across the world, with the vast majority of our pupils being offered admission in some of the top universities in the UK, USA and Canada. The continued growth in the popularity of the A Level programme at JPGS has meant that this year’s intake of 46 pupils has continued the steady increase since 2012 when we admitted 20 pupils in Y12.

The rigour of the A Level programme at JPGS has meant that it remains a popular option with pupils as it ensures a good preparation for university study and beyond. At JPGS we like to maintain a healthy balance of A Level options to support pupil pathways through both the Sciences and the Arts. Admission is selective, with pupils expected to have a minimum of 5 IGCSE grades of B and above (with at least C in Maths and English).

Nevertheless, in an increasingly competitive world achieving academic success alone is no guarantee of gaining a place in oversubscribed universities. This is one of the reasons that our Sixth Form pupils participate in the Pupil Assistant Placements, in which they act as assistants within classes and mentors to the children in the Preparatory School. The pupils also contribute to the wider school community through the Eco Council and Go Green Project.

Additionally, pupils are encouraged to take part in the JPGS Young Leaders Award (YLA). This is awarded to pupils who take part in extracurricular activities which include, contributions towards the Arts, the Community, and Sports through various initiatives both within and outside the school. There are a number of Senior Prefect, Subject and Wellbeing Ambassador roles which have proven to be invaluable in terms of developing personal skills such as time management, teamwork and communication skills.


The introduction of the Oxbridge Med/Vet Club has given pupils the opportunity to focus on their applications and prepare for interviews at Oxford and Cambridge, and for Medicine, Veterinary, and Dentistry. The club aims to provide pupils with the additional experiences and knowledge to develop their personal qualities and increase their potential as employees.


Our Sixth form is a thriving community. There are various pupil led activities and our pupils also organise a number of Sixth Form social gatherings throughout the year. Along with the rest of the school, there are plenty of opportunities for them to get involved in the wider aspects of a good school, sports team, International Award, drama productions, musical events, and a successful and developing MUN community. At various times specific subjects also organise trips abroad. The Sixth Form experience at JPGS is sure to leave pupils with rich and indelible memories of their time with us.