We are proud to announce that Jeddah Prep and Grammar School has been featured in the "Ones to Watch" list of The 2023 Schools Index by Carfax Education, the leading international index of the very best private boarding and day schools, from different regions across the globe.

Pupil Support Department

Here at JPGS, we are committed to ensuring the safety, well-being and progress of our pupils. We provide a safe, nurturing environment in which pupils can thrive and meet the high expectations that we have of them, in every aspect of their development.

We recognise that pupils may need different levels and type of support in their careers at JPGS, from Nursery to 6th form. We aim to be able to recognise these needs at the earliest stage, and work collaboratively with parents and pupils so that our support has a positive impact.

Staff hold pupils in high regard and are committed to ensuring their academic, emotional and social development. The environment and size of the school allows for staff to build some strong relationships with their pupils and get to know them well, enabling them to personalise the support that is offered and tailor it accordingly.

The form tutor is the initial point of contact for those that require any form of support, but sometimes the wider school community will become involved if the need of that pupil at the time is deemed to require additional, more specific support and ensure their safety, well-being and academic progress.

Some reasons for pupils requiring wider, more comprehensive support could be:

  • A bereavement in the family
  • Missing school because of an illness or long-term condition
  • Being particularly able or talented in a specific area
  • Thinking differently/neurodiverse pupils (otherwise known as SEN – e.g., a pupil with a diagnosis of dyslexia)
  • Difficulties with behaviour (withdrawn behaviours, anxious behaviours, etc)
  • Having a physical disability

The Pupil Support Department will work with the pupil, their parents and teaching staff to put together a personalised package of support for the pupil, with them at the centre of the process.

We have a very good pastoral system in place and we aim to offer a support package within this framework, in line with our ethos of inclusion.

However, there are times in which the pupil may need more specific, targeted support and so additional intervention will be put into place to meet their needs.

Academic support

We welcome pupils at JPGS of all ways of thinking and learning. This includes, but not limited to, pupils with a diagnosis of dyslexia, ADHD and autism and those pupils who are

particularly able and talented in any area. We aim to adapt (as long as reasonably possible) our teaching and support to cater to these pupils’ differences and ensure they make the progress they are capable of.

Some examples of support in this area:

  • Reasonable adjustments in the classroom by teachers
  • Use of sensory equipment to support concentration and focus
  • Precision Teaching sessions (a different way of supporting reading/spelling)

Emotional and Social support

We recognise the impact that the global pandemic may have had on our pupils. Whilst we believe that the structure, routines and opportunities to socialise that schools offer will go a long way in counteracting the negative impact of this, we are also aware that some pupils may require additional support from us. We will be closely monitoring our pupils in the coming months and we aim to be alert and proactive in identifying any difficulties for example with friendships and low self-esteem, responding sensitively and with understanding to the pupil in collaboration with their parents.

Some examples of support in this area:

  • Friendship Skills Groups
  • Social, Emotional and Communication Skills Groups