We are proud to announce that Jeddah Prep and Grammar School has been featured in the "Ones to Watch" list of The 2023 Schools Index by Carfax Education, the leading international index of the very best private boarding and day schools, from different regions across the globe.

Admissions Policy

All children are welcome to apply to JPGS, regardless of nationality, religion and ethnicity.

Admission to the school is selective and is based on previous school records; academic assessment (appropriate to the year group); meeting developmental milestones and availability of a place. An interview will be offered, where at all possible by a senior member of staff, to any prospective pupil, this is dependent upon the age of the child.

All pupils who are admitted to JPGS are required to follow the school curriculum/ programmes of study. No pupil can be excused from any area of the curriculum without prior agreement on medical and/or academic grounds. The school is proud of its UK educational lineage and is coeducational. Parents/Guardians place their children within the school fully aware of and in agreement with the policies in place, based on UK educational practice, governing Physical Education, Swimming, Art, Music, Local Cultural Studies and Arabic.

JPGS considers any pupil for admission who is at least 3 years old and not older than 17 years of age. Pupils must have reached the entry age below before 31st August.

 F1 F2 Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7 Y8 Y9 Y10 Y11 Y12 Y13
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Admission into JPGS and placement in classes is based on successful completion of all application procedures, submission of all required documentation and successful completion of entrance tests.

All pupils are required to participate in an entry assessment. The nature of the assessment varies depending on the age of the child as follows:

Nursery / Foundation 1: Basic skills / development assessment including speech, language and communication, physical, personal, social and emotional development (PSED).

Reception / Foundation 2: As above. Additionally, physical development including fine motors skills.

Years 1 and 2 – Key Stage 1: Basic skills assessment matched to national expectations, including English and Mathematics. PSED assessment carried out by Admissions and/or Class Teacher.

Years 3 to 6 – Key Stage 2: are required to meet end of year expectations according to the assessment most appropriate for their chronological age in English and Mathematics. PSED assessment / interview.

Years 7 to 10 – Key Stage 3 and 4: are required to sit an age-related assessment in English plus a CAT test.

There are 3 conditions to be satisfied for entry into the Lower Sixth (Year 12)

  • Disciplinary Record

Entry into Lower Sixth will be conditional upon a satisfactory disciplinary record particularly in Years 10 and 11. The school reserves the right to contact the previous school of a pupil in order to acquire a behaviour report. In the case of a pupil who has been suspended or expelled from a previous school, it will not be possible to consider the application until the school contact the Head of the pupil’s most recent school.

  • Overall IGCSE (or equivalent) Performance

At least five IGCSE (or equivalent passes) at grade B or above including a grade C or above in English Language and a grade C or above in Mathematics.

  • Individual Subject Requirements

Sixth Form students must take the equivalent of at least three A Level subjects and must meet the individual subject requirements, most commonly an IGCSE grade B or higher in that subject or in a specified alternative subject. For some subjects, with a high proportion of the marks awarded through coursework, pupils will be required to have a good record of meeting IGCSE coursework deadlines.


Pupils will not be admitted into a year above or below their age group. JPGS will only accept pupils who pass the assessment.

Pupils who are tested for entry into a year according to chronological age cannot be tested for a year above or below that which they originally applied for. No re-assessment will be offered to any pupil within the same Academic Year.

An offer of a place is dependent on availability. JPGS reserves the right to close admissions if a class is full and create a waiting list. However, waiting lists will only be maintained until the end of Term 2.

In cases where the number of applications exceeds the places available for a given year group, applicants are placed on a waiting list, with priority set by Admissions as follows:

Priority 1: British and Dutch Citizens with a current and valid UK/Dutch passport (as indicated on the iqama) with a sibling currently attending JPGS.

Priority 2: British and Dutch Citizens with a current and valid UK/Dutch passport (as indicated on the iqama).

Priority 3: Pupils from families of any nationality who have siblings presently attending JPGS.

Priority 4: International pupils who are currently attending school abroad.

Once offered a place, all applicable fees should be paid within 5 working days, after such time the offer will be automatically withdrawn. Furthermore, any pupil who has been offered a place but whose parents decide to delay admission will go to the bottom of the waiting list.

If you choose to withdraw your child from the school then this must be done in writing addressed to the Headmaster via the school’s Registrar email:  [email protected] . A full term’s notice or one term’s fee in lieu of the notice must be given to the school. If your decision changes once your child is withdrawn you must start again with the registration process, an administration fee of SAR 500 per child will be payable to cover the cost of administration work.

There is a 90 day probationary period. The school reserves the right to ask parents to withdraw their child at the end of the probationary period. Persistent and serious failure to conform to school rules and expectations will result in the removal of a pupil.

Pupils who do not have a minimum of 90% attendance may not be allowed to register for the following academic year.

Any pertinent information that is found to have been withheld on registration could result in the removal of the pupil from the school.

Every pupil’s placement and continuation within the school as per policy is at the discretion of the Headmaster.

In accordance with regulations set down by the Ministry of Education, all Saudi Arabian Nationals must obtain permission from the Ministry of Education to attend the school. The permission should be addressed to Jeddah Prep and Grammar School and no pupil will be allowed to attend school until permission is received.

All prospective parents are welcome to visit the school so that they can speak to our Admissions Department. We also hold regular Open Days. However, because of security reasons and not to interrupt the daily routine of our pupils, tours of the campus can only be conducted after submitting an application and by appointments between 8.30am – 1.30pm.

Please contact Mrs Asseel Ahmed , School Registrar, [email protected] or by calling the school on +966 (0)12 654 2354 Ext 130.

JPGS through its Board of Governors has the right to alter the admission policy only in exceptional circumstances at any time during the academic year.

Application forms can be obtained from the Admissions Department. It is only in the case of the families residing overseas that we will accept applications sent via the following email:  [email protected] Please make sure to attach a copy of your bank transfer (for the application fee of SAR 350/-plus 15% VAT for non-Saudis) along with your email.

Along with the application, you will be asked to provide the following documents:

Items required from everyone:

  • 1 passport sized photos of the child
  • 2 copies of your child’s passport
  • 1 copy of each parents/guardians passport
  • 1 copy of the child’s vaccination records provided
  • End of Year Reports as well as leaving certificate from the last school attended

(see further details below)

  • A conduct letter along with an attendance report.

Items required from non-Saudi Nationals:

  • 1 copy of the original Entry Visa for the family.
  • 2 copies of your residence permit (Iqama) covering the fami
  • 1 copy of the completed Ministry of Education document (attached).
  • A letter  from  the  Sponsor/Employer whose  name  appears  on  the  Iqama, confirming your employment, position and duration of contract.

Items required from Saudi Nationals:

  • 1 copy of each parent/guardians passport
  • A copy of your Family Identification or child’s Identification Document
  • Saudi Permission from the Ministry of  Education  (Please note that it is the responsibility of the parent to obtain Saudi Permission once a place is offered).

After a place is offered and before starting school the following documents are required:

  1. Leaving Certificate (from last attended school):
  2. If the pupil is coming from a school outside KSA: Leaving certificates and/or reports, stamped by the Saudi Embassy or Consulate-General of the country of issuance.
  3. If the pupil is transferring from a school within KSA:Private and Public Saudi Schools:
    • If the pupil has completed a full academic year, the original reports do not need to be stamped by the Ministry of Education
    • If the pupil has only completed a part of the academic year, a leaving certificate accompanied by the reports issued by the previous school needs to be stamped by the Ministry of Education

    International Schools:

    The leaving certificate needs to be stamped by the Ministry of Education.

         Noor System: The Ministry of Education online system

Kindly ask the school to change the status of the applicant from “existing pupil” to the “pending/archived Noor database box”.

Please note that if your child passes the assessment this does not guarantee a place in the School.

Should the assessment be undertaken, the procedure will be as follows:

  1. The final decision on any child’s entry is entirely that of the Headmaster in the context of the policy approved by the Board of Governors.
  2. After the result of the assessment has been determined by the Headmaster, the school will then contact parents with the result by email.
  3. If the Headmaster deems the assessment to be unsuccessful, the school will inform parents of this decision. Reassessments are only offered if it is felt that it is in the child’s best interests. But this is at the discretion of the Headmaster after consulting relevant senior staff.
  4. If the application is successful, then the school will offer a place for your child within the appropriate Year Group or a place on the waiting list if numbers within a Year Group merit such. The child’s class will be allocated by the school and is non-negotiable throughout the time in school.
  5. From the date of the offer of a place for the child in the School, parents then have 5 working days to accept this and register accordingly. After such time the offer will be automatically withdrawn.
  1. For Saudi parents who do not have approval from the Ministry of Education, it is important that you follow up the application personally. This approval is needed before a place in the School can be offered.