Congratulations! Following our recent BSO inspection in March 2022 JPGS is delighted to announce that our school has fully met all standards and has now become an accredited British School Overseas (BSO).

External Enrichment

Next week on Monday (4th February) will be a FREE / TRIAL session for all the External Enrichment


Year Groups

Venue (Line up for pickup behind GYM/Sports Hall 

Tennis Y2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9         GYM MONDAY
Parkour Y5,6,7,8,9         Prep Playground Shaded Area (behind GYM) MONDAY
Ballet Y2,3,4,5,6         Prep Art Room (Upstairs opposite Year 6 Hub) MONDAY
Payments are expected to be made in 3 week installments to the Accounts Department (in reception area) and sessions will last 9 weeks in total.The initial 3 week installment will need to paid to Accounts before beginning the club with subsequent installments covering the next 3 weeks of sessions.


3 Week Payment

Total for 9 Weeks

Tennis  360 SR

1080 SR

Parkour  360 SR

1080 SR

Ballet  180 SR

540 SR