We are proud to announce that Jeddah Prep and Grammar School has been featured in the "Ones to Watch" list of The 2023 Schools Index by Carfax Education, the leading international index of the very best private boarding and day schools, from different regions across the globe.

EAL and LS

EAL (English as an Additional Language) is a vital part of the process of education at Jeddah Prep and Grammar School. Younger children may join us with a limited command of the English language. We consider this to be a normal expectation at the outset; it is our role to educate the child in English as quickly and effectively as possible. Direct support is given to pupils individually or in small groups for as long as required before the pupil is returned to the normal pattern of lessons. The EAL teachers also support entire classes in the normal timetable where particular need has been identified in order to ensure the new children understand the standard pattern of lessons, socialize with classmates and English speakers, and assimilate the JPGS ethos.

In addition to EAL, we do have a number of Learning Support tutors who can provide additional support with literacy, numeracy and study skills.  Pupils who require such lessons are taught in small groups during selected lessons or are supported in free time. However, whilst we are sympathetic to pupils with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, we can provide only limited specialist support.