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Shadow Student Council Animal Awareness Day

The Headmaster, Mr Jonathan Warner, talked about his own experience with rescuing animals, bringing home how everyone has the ability to help in whatever way they can. Then Um Asma, the guest speaker from Gus’s Hope – a centre that supports cats, shared her experience of rescuing street cats in Jeddah: her words were poignant, inspirational and simple – make sure that your animal is spayed or neutered for a healthier life and please put food and water down for homeless cats wherever you can. Thereafter, the Shadow Student Council put forward their recommendations for how the life of street animals could be improved with just a little help from the humans that live alongside them.  Each student wrote out a promise explaining what they could do to make a difference.  This was the fun bit! 250 students worked together to create a long chain of pledges, showing how much could be done to help.

The Shadow Student Council, who envisioned and organised the day, were inspired by the homeless cats on the school compound. We realised that to help them more education was needed about how homelessness starts and the difficulties that these cats face.

To make an immediate difference, we are asking for donations – cat food or money – to ensure the school cats are fed and watered over the long summer months.

Just a little bit of help can go a long way.


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