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Student Council Shakespeare Day

On the day, to celebrate the written word, students were permitted to wear casual clothes with a visible Shakespeare quote – not an insult (you fishmonger!) – for the cost of 10 sr. The vast majority of students participated in this event so it was a huge success! Later on in the day there was a short parody of Romeo & Juliet performed by the Council members.

A range of themed refreshment stalls offered ‘mead’ – a classic drink of the Elizabethan era that we reinvented, just like the popcorn we reinvented and  named ‘Shake’s Flakes’ (I’m sure Bill would have thoroughly enjoyed them with some classic mountain mead).

An incredibly popular stand was the Polaroid stand, attracting lots of customers who wanted a photograph with their friends and a marvellously sculptured head of Shakespeare’s head.

Last but certainly not least, was THE souvenir of the day: the Quote Quills. These proved very popular amongst those with a taste for quotes and those who wanted to keep a bit of Shakespeare’s advice with them for his birthday and beyond.  However, words can not stand alone and, as the Bard once wrote, ‘Words without thoughts never to heaven go’ (Hamlet Act III Sc III).

For details about the participation of JPGS students at the British Consulate, Jeddah, click here.


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